Introducing Scaleout.

A hosted service which manages
Veeam Backup & Replication

Using an intelligent logging platform, Scaleout ensures all your backups, copies and archives complete successfully.


Security and compatibility is more important than anything for an availability solution. By leveraging scripted installation and configuration for all customers, Scaleout makes upgrading a non-event.


When things go wrong, our skilled engineers perform troubleshooting and log analysis. In case escalation is required, we manage support tickets with the vendor.

Can you tell me more?

Scaleout is a service that delivers day-to-day operations for Veeam customers, including:

✅ Ensure all jobs are green ✅ you stay on the latest version to maximize your investment and ✅ manage your vendor support cases, whenever required.

It differentiates from other offerings by being intelligent and proactive. This is achieved with our proprietary management agent which continuously collects and ships performance logs and metrics from your Veeam installation to an analytics engine.

Machine learning and tight integration with our helpdesk system ensures errors are tracked and — mostly — remediated automatically. This is why our service is better than anything else available today.

We are currently onboarding beta customers to validate our offering.

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